About This Website

Welcome to our corner of the internet!

iSurfPaducah.com is a website to help keep you informed about changes underway in the gambling and gaming sectors. While we are based in Australia and will try to focus on that, the reality is that most of the innovation in the gaming sector happens in other countries, such as the US and UK. Additionally, the biggest gambling locations are also elsewhere – such as Las Vegas, Macao, Singapore, Atlantic City and so on.

This means that we will do our best to focus on gambling and casino topics in Australia, but will mostly be writing about other parts of the world.

Just for reference, why Paducah…?

Paducah is actually a small town in the United States. I visited there many, many years ago. While visiting I found myself in a poker game above a bar. I really felt like I was living in a movie. It was a grimy, seedy room, above a very ordinary bar. I was playing against some locals who obviously all knew each other and it felt as though they were all ganging up on me to take my money. They won!

For years after, my friends and I would call a situation “Paducah!” if it felt as though things were going against us. When you gamble, you can have that feeling quite often…

As for the iSurf part, this is simply because most gambling happens online these days.

Your Authors

Stuart Jones has a long history as a writer, though the majority has been as a ghost writer of speeches and articles for politicians. He has a longer history as a sports fan and lover of all things gambling and gaming.